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If you can’t control your mind and emotions you will never make it in any career you set for your self.  If you let other people control how you think and feel you will never be happy or successful.  You should never allow someone else to influence your thoughts and emotions.  The human mind has been […]

Many artist create music and put it on social media outlets advising its a free download.  A lot people will argue that giving your music away for free is ludicrous.  However, if it means getting your name and work out to the masses then it’s a win win.  You open your self up to many people who […]

95% of artists fail.  With those odds you need to research the business side of show business to be successful.  Major labels aren’t looking for new talent.  Being signed to a major label does help financially with marketing and promotion, but you lose creative control.  You are now a puppet on a string and the label […]

  To prevent each song from sounding just like the last song you did isn’t an easy task.  There are several ways you can approach creating music, here are a few.   If you write the lyrics first, try to create the music first. If you love the piano don’t use it on your next […]

Music Theory is the study of the practices of music and the possibilities of music.  It can also relate to concepts, belief systems, silence, musicology, psychology, mathematics, time & space.   Music theory is forever evolving, its base is in these 4 principles: Pitch, Rhythm, Harmony and Structure.  If you want to further your career you have […]

Don’t try to talk people into believing your music is good.  Let the hard work you put into the music speak for it self.  Sometimes when you talk to much we wonder “who are you trying to convince me or you?”  If you know your song needs mastering, everyone does.  Don’t give excuses for lack of […]

 The TipsyBartender is serving up some delicious Watermelon Jello shots on this episode. Turn up! has come up with a list of disturbing trends in rap that need to be addressed. If they go unchecked, these self-destructive tendencies will continue to harm a culture that has helped so many. And that is the last thing that anybody wants, especially those people (myself included) who are proof positive that […]