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Tip of the day 6/24/15: Stop worrying about getting signed

Written by on June 24, 2015

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95% of artists fail.  With those odds you need to research the business side of show business to be successful.  Major labels aren’t looking for new talent.  Being signed to a major label does help financially with marketing and promotion, but you lose creative control.  You are now a puppet on a string and the label controls your every move down to what you put on social media.  If they don’t like what you’re doing they drop you.  Our advice is to stay independent and learn business and marketing, which is the key to your success.  Take some classes on-line, invest in your self and your career.  Even IF you get signed to a major label you still need to educate your self and not let the zero’s on the contract influence you to sign a bad deal.  If business isn’t something that you can do find someone who can and let them help you.   Every great artist has a team, and make sure your team consists of people that will tell you the truth and make sure you can trust them with your intellectual property.