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  Insomniak Music’s own Shane J is back on FM’s World Wide Online with an insightful interview, and he shares 3 hot new tracks, ‘Came Too Far’ ‘Nuff’ Said’ and ‘They Sleepin’ On Me’! Originally aired 12/20/14

  Nappy Roots is in the studio discussing their new singles ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘Haze’ and their upcoming show at Cervantes’ Masterpiece January 3,2015! Originally broadcast 12/22/14                                                         […]

GlamSlam Exclusive Q&A With St. Paul! What more can be said about the prolific musician St. Paul? For more than two decades, Paul Peterson has forged a career that has been instrumentally etched in history for those who has followed his amazing musical journey thus far. Honestly, Rhythm Rave Radio was actually surprised to be able to correspond with St. […]

  Check out the hot musical duo of The Yunginz’ Leak Jacob and Buddie Lovee and their exclusive interview on Rhythm Rave Radio! They discuss their story, and the new music including the anti-bullying anthem ‘Beautiful’! Originally aired 11/05/14  

  The 10th Chamber of the Wu Tang Clan Dungeon Masta commands Rhythm Rave Radio’s Studios in an exclusive interview with brand new music!!! We discuss the state of Hip Hop today, stories of The Wu, and more! Originally aired 10/04/14

Zieme is back on the WRRR airwaves with a burner of a single called ‘Exotic’ and talks about his upcoming new release ‘Obsession’! Originally broadcast 10/11/14  

 Colorado’s own U.T.I.C.A discusses his upcoming show on Oct 26th (hosted by DJ K Tone) and his hot new singles ‘We Be Mobbin’ and ‘They Don’t Know’! Originally broadcast 10/11/14

    South London’s own B Hype is in the WRRR studios for an exclusive interview!! This incredibly talented artist shares his innovative sound with our listeners, Worldwide Online! Including his smash single, Bass Mid Treble’ Originally aired 09/16/14

  He is the voice of a struggling people. He is the voice of the father’s, the mother’s, the kid’s, the disenfranchised and oppressed. He gives freedom a voice. He encourages you to wake up and reclaim your freedom. No matter how small and insignificant it is he insists that you do something! Visit him […]

    Verbal Pimp makes a big announcement for new artists for an upcoming project and release! Originally aired 08/07/2014