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  FM on the Night Shift’s’ Exclusive Interview with JPG and R.A.W.! Listen as Owner and CEO of Hood Squad Records JPG and singer RAW talk about their beginnings and future in the music industry. Two amazing talents, you don’t want to miss it!!!! Originally aired 07/16/11  

    FM on the Night Shift’s exclusive interview with Hip artist Sshabazz!! Fresh of his hot single ‘No Name’, Sshabazz brings his own story and style right here to the airwaves of WRRR! Originally aired 09/06/13  

  FM on the Night Shift’s back with an on air listening party for Denver’s own Just Josh! Modesty & Funk discuss Just Josh’s entrance into hip hop, his goals, music! Originally aired 12/2/2011  

  Brooklyn born FA$E blazes through on FM on the Night Shift with 2 hot new singles “Bedroom Swag” & “Monster” giving Funk & Modesty the low on his design to takeover the industry! Originally aired 11/20/12

FM on the Night Shift for an exclusive interview with Music From Scratch Record’s (MFS) Jay Eldridge! WRRR gets you in touch with this talented MC as he talks about his beginning and future in Hip Hop with 2 Hot singles ‘Fan of a Fan’ & ‘Voices’! Originally aired 09/07/13  

  FM on the Night Shift’s On Air Listening Party and Exclusive Interview with Luke Skyy, and his CD release ‘Thawt 4 Food’! Originally aired 02/08/14

  WRRR’s exclusive interview with Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Sharrief, Rhythm Rave Radio’s Artist of the Month! Sharrief shares his beginnings in his music career with K-9 Posse, to his R&B flavor that brings back the true feeling of original, good music! Originally aired 02/15/14

  R&B is Back – Hi Five gives FM on the Night Shift an exclusive interview and debuts their hot new single ‘Favorite Girl” a smooth banger from one of the 90’s greatest multi-platinum R&B singing groups ever! Originally aired March 2,2013

Pada Escobar hits the WRRR studio’s with an exclusive interview and tracks from his mix release ‘Back On My Bullshit’ and his #1 single on Rhythm Rave Radio’s Top 25 single ‘Since Day One’ Originally aired 06/24/14

  The Louisville Hip Hop hitta’, The Real Young Kano drops his single ‘Temptation’ on the listeners and what’s the scoop on his new EP coming soon, ‘Reality Check’! Originally aired 06/07/14