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  New Check Out The Message with an Exclusive Q&A with Mookie Madness! Check out the ATL’s Hip Hop Hitta’s exclusive interview with WRRR and his #1 Top 25 single ‘Read’!   Originally aired 04/30/14  

  How did Al Sharpton and T.I. really get those T.V. shows? Does being a possible informant have ‘perks’? Originally aired 04/16/14

  Are you sick of these lyin’ ass fools all up in your face?! Nichole separates the have’s and the have not’s! Plus music by your favorite indie and top 10 artists! Originally aired 8/25/11

  Rhythm Rave Radio’s Exclusive Interview with Tam Tam with special guest DJ Cool V!! Tam Tam shows RRR that she’s taking over the game and the competition, and how’s she’s straight ‘Steppin’ On Em’! Special guest, producer and manager, The Legendary DJ Cool V (Biz Markie’s producer and DJ) who drops gems on the […]

Which 4 states can you not get a blowjob, but still have sex with the dead? What was the ‘Easter’ surprise for one individual? Originally aired 04/18/14

  Did you hear about the baby born with 4 arms and 4 legs? How about the two 12 year old’s that are Britain’s youngest parents? Two 7 year old twin brothers stop a carjacker? Check out Rhythm Rave Radio’s World Weird News and find out! Originally aired 04/19/14

New FM on the Night Shift’s Exclusive Interview with Soul Gang PME! Hip Hop Powerhouses Soul Gang delivers an exclusive interview with WRRR and and new music including the banger single ‘Xit 25’! Originally aired 04/19/14

Turn up with Undeniably The Illest Cat Around, as U.T.I.C.A. gives WRRR a look into his unique world of Hip Hop, along with 3 hot singles including ‘We Be Mobbin’! Originally aired 04/18/14

New Check Out The Message exclusive Interview with Mr 27! The Down South Hustla’ gives WRRR a dose of Hip Hop Hospitality with hit Top WRRR 25 single ‘HAM’, and a new cut ’30 DEEP’ Check out his story and where he wants to go in music! Originally aired 04/16/14

Chris Brown’s trial gets delayed, and we get a sneak peek into who may be the new cast members for Love & Hip Hop LA! Is Beyonce and Jay Z expecting another child, and an update on the Wu Tang rapper who cut off his penis and tried to jump to his death, but lived! […]