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Is changing your racial identity as easy as putting on a new pair shoes? Where is the fine line in crossing over or getting over?What is REALLY behind the term ‘Trans-Racial’, and How Does Rachel Dolezal fit into this? Funk and Modesty discusses this new phenomenon of becoming ‘Trans-racial’. Plus, let off your weekly steam […]

    Funk and Modesty interviews the president and owner of Pay Up Management and the manager of the legendary Ice T: Mickey Bentson! As the associate producer for the documentary ‘Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap’ as he discusses the differences between rap & hip hop, and being the co-founder of the Zulu Nation, he educates the new generation […]

      Freedom aka Funk and Modesty are back on air tonight live on ‪#‎WRRR‬ with the co-owner of The S.T.R.I.V.E ‪#‎Fashion‬ and Talent ‪#‎Organization‬,‪#‎author‬,‪#‎singer‬, Chanel The Motivator @ 8 PM MST! Tune in! Go and listen on either ‪#‎tunein‬ or download the ‪#‎Googleplay‬ ‪#‎app‬! ‪ Click here to listen: Free Google Play App […]

So after Puff’s little skirmish with Lee Daniels about having his son and music appear on the hit FOX TV show (see here), now the Bad Boy CEO is planning to sue Daniels & FOX for, what he claims, is his life story. “It’s basically my life except the ALS stuff. All the homosexuality and everything that’s […]

Rap-A- CEO J. Prince is putting Suge Knight, Diddy, Birdman, Slim and Lil’ Wayne on blast in a blistering diss track. J. Prince is calling out Diddy especially, telling him to keep his hands off rapper Drake, after the slap that was heard around the world Diddy gave him at a recent awards event earlier this year. reports that James […]

  Following a macabre story TMZ and other media outlets broke yesterday about Bobbi Kristina being taken off life support on today, the anniversary od Whitney Houston’s death (2/11), Bobby Brown has come forward to set the story straight. And he is threatening to sue if necessary. The statement released to reads, “We support the candlelight […]

    Drop It Low” with G-Fly aka Carolina’s Kitty Kat King with an exclusive interview Rhythm Rave Radio! Originally broadcast 02/07/2015

Drop It Low” with G-Fly aka Carolina’s Kitty Kat King with an exclusive interview Rhythm Rave Radio! Tune in @ 5 PM MST/ 7 PM EST Click here to listen:

  R&B diva Kelly Price is hosting the Pre Grammy awards party this year, and the promoter of the last pre Grammy party where Whitney Houston last performed before she died, feels like Kelly is not showing respect to the Houston family. Considering the condition of Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who is in a Atlanta hospital fighting for […]

Today is Bobby Brown’s 46th birthday, but there is little to celebrate about. Today, doctors overseeing his daughter Bobbi Kristina (see here) care in an Atlanta hospital, informed Brown that there is nothing more they can do to save her life. Family sources tell us the decision is now in Brown’s hands — but we’re […]