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Behind the Scenes at the H.M.G.’s ‘Light It Up’ Video Shoot

Written by on July 7, 2015

Cold Crush Groove Looking on BW

Mr. Groove on set of The H.M.G.’s new video ‘Light It Up’

We arrived a little after 4 PM last Friday at Denver’s well known artist’s haven Cold Crush on Larimer St, and sure enough, The H.M.G.was taking a small break on the outside patio. Unbeknownst to us, the hip hop trio, Mr. Groove, Par Da’ God and Poetik Genius, had already been filming since 2. Welcome to the D.O.P.E Game founder and cameraman for the shoot, Jeremy Pape, passes around a new invention of his called the ‘blunt cam’, which looked like a GoPro attached to a lit cigar.

Cold Crush Muriel with logo

 Cold Crush

‘”What’s good Mr. Groove?” I ask the Boss, who’s seated at one of the tables outside. “Ya’ll know I know two of my biggest supporters!” the MC responds in kind to Modesty and myself. “Let’s chop it up in a quick interview later when you’re on break” I ask while I notice a small camera with previous video footage being passed around. “Of course, we’ll be down for that” Mr. Groove says, motioning for the weed to break up for the next blunt to be prepared for the next scene.

Cold Crush HMG Mr Groove Par The God inside

 Mr. Groove and Par Da’ God

 Par Da’ God is seen in the midst of the entourage what appears to be giving a few pointers to the extras on set. He appears very focused, but enjoying the energy surrounding the day’s events so far. Moving past the crowd to the inside of Cold Crush, Modesty and I are greeted by the establishment’s friendly staff.  After having a few drinks at the bar, we notice a few local artists and begin to mingle and converse, most notably meeting Leona Harper, who was recently featured on The 3hree Project’s single with FL “All or Nothing.

Mr Groove Prince Pat'ron 2Mr Groove and Prince Pat'ron  1
Prince Pat’ron

Soon we make our way back to the outside deck, and even more people have arrived for the video shoot. We quickly introduce ourselves to Jeremy Pape, who’s setting up the next shot with the ‘blunt cam’. Mr.Groove pulls me to the side, and informs me that the t-shirt he’s wearing was actually designed by Jeremy’s team Welcome to the D.O.P.EGame as well.

Poetik G and Groove Prince Pat'ron point

Poetik Genius and Prince Pat’ron

Soon Poetik Genius arrives, along with new artist (as well as Mr. Groove’s son), Prince Pat’ron on set, and the next scene is ready to begin. Passerby’s look on with subtle curiosity, as one brunette young lady asks the crew, ‘Are you guys famous?’ Par smiles and says to her, ‘We’re H.M.G., and we’re filming our new video for our single ‘Light It Up’! ‘You can catch this on YouTube!’ shouts Touch, another H.M.G.crew mate, who’s clad in a throwback Nuggets Jersey. Stick around and we might put you in the video!” ‘Cool!’ the young lady responds. ‘I just moved here to Denver, and in two days I’m already going to be in a hip hop video!’

After the scene with the ‘blunt cam’ wraps up, the H.M.G. gathers back inside for our video interview (coming later this week). We exchange opinions off camera as well, discussing the advantages and disadvantages for local talents, and their chances of creating a more solid base locally. ‘We need to unify more, and make more lanes for artists to grow.’ says Par. ‘When I lived in Atlanta for a while, if one rap crew saw another artist from another set spittin’, they would invite that dude to get on…just for the love of the growth and unity. If we could establish that here and eliminate some of this hate,Colorado could really grow musically!’  Poetik chimes in ‘Man we appreciate what you (the station) has done in support for us.’ ‘Of course, no doubt’, I respond. ‘I want to see all of CO’s artists succeed in this game, we just need more cohesion to blow The Box State to the next level.’  The rest of the group nods in agreement, and after a while, we break for a few tacos (which we found exceptional) and get ready for the final scene which takes place right in front of the main entrance to Cold Crush.

Cold Crush HMG5 bandw

What was interesting about this experience was the love felt on set from everybody involved, and you could see that the music was the centerpiece on this project. You could see the level of dedication and preparation for this day. Under the direction of Jeremy and The H.M.G., the video extras turn it up to the excitement of more onlookers on the street. Par Da God, Poetik, Mr. Groove delivers their blistering verses, while the crowd behind them channeled their energies for the cameras. ‘Light It Up’ is from Hangman Recordings’ release ‘Cooked Raw III ’, and in 24/7 rotation right here on Rhythm Rave Radio, and it was a pleasure to be invited to take part in the creative process in putting this video together.

Check out the photos below for the behind the scenes:

Cold Crush HMG 2

 The H.M.G. turns it up in front of Cold Crush during the final shoot

Mr Groove and Prince Pat'ron Cold Crush

Prince Pat’ron and Mr. Groove showing family unity

Par tha God Mr Groove Cold Crush

Par Da’ God and Mr. Groove will show you how to ‘Light It Up’!

Poetik G Cold Crush 2

Poetik G Cold Crush 3

 Poetik Genius spits lyrical potency to the camera

Cold Crush HMG 5

Par Da’ God lets ya’ll know why he’s the best at what he does

Mr Groove The Real VIC and Par tha God 3

The Real V.I.C, Par Da’ God, and Mr. Groove on the set 

Mr Groove The Real VIC and Par tha God 1

The Real V.I.C, Par Da’ God, and Mr. Groove

Par Tha God sons Malik and Robert

Robert and Blake also made an appearance!

Poetik G Cold Crush HMG 2

Hangman Records is gonna make you  ‘Light It Up’

Dope Founder Groove

Jeremy Pape and Mr. Groove

Cold Crush HMG Group Front Cold Crush

The H.M.G. representing in the 303

Cold Crush HMG and Funk

Funk from WRRR (center) and H.M.G.

Cold Crush Truth middle finger

Touch came out to support the fam

Welcome to the Dope Game Founder Camerman Jeremy Pape

Founder of Welcome to The D.O.P.E. Game  Jeremy Pape

Cold Crush HMG 4

Cold Crush HMG Group photo with Funk BW