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B**** Betta Take My Money: Rihanna Slaps BET CEO in the Face with a Stack of Cash

Written by on June 30, 2015


After seven years of being absent from the BET Awards show, superstar Rihanna attended with the purpose of promoting her new single ‘Bitch Betta’ Have My Money’. BET CEO Stephen Hill however was not going to allow Rihanna to make it ‘rain’ on the audience with a stack of cash during the show. That’s when she slapped him in the face with the bundle of dinero.

A cameraman caught Rihanna arguing with Stephen just before going on stage to introduce her video. She was seen throwing a stack of cash in his face while saying what appeared to be saying ‘That’s why I hate coming to BET.’

J.R. Myth was in attendance and tweeted:

Am I the only person that saw this???
— JR Myth (@AbovetheRhim) June 29, 2015


Stephen and Rihanna kissed and made up a little later though as seen below: