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Recap:  Nikki confronts Morgan about her pre-surgery pics all done on the set of Ray J’s new video.  Omarion told his mother she can’t be present for the birth of his child because she is too negative.  Hazel confronts Yung Berg about working with Teairra Marie and Mally Mal and Nikki set up Masika.


Modesty’s opinion:  Where do I start, first I’m sure we all know this has to be scripted at least I hope so because no body can be this stupid.

Hazel girlfriend, Yung Berg told you in the last episode you’re not his girlfriend and he ain’t looking for a girl so why were you still with him (you were with him in your head or you were with him when he was fucking you, lol) and why the hell did you catch feelings?  Do you really think it was a coincidence that Yung Berg and Teairra Marie are working together?  She hates you and  he wants to piss you off and make you jealous……..  Don’t you think you made your self look stupid by reaching out to him?  He knew you were going to get mad and he likes the drama.  8 years is too long to play the fool.  Teairra Marie gurl you are way to angry you need to calm down and not let your feelings control your responses.  So I’m glad you didn’t fight this episode but you know you are working with Berg to fuck with Hazel, lol.  Omarion acting like a little bitch playing his mom and his baby mom off each other, grow some balls and tell your mom to stop fucking with your girl.  Be a man and handle the women in your life your BM and mother don’t need to be going back and forth like that.  Ray J that song you did sounds like every other song out now and furthermore when did Ray J and Omarion become Hip Hop?  Masika got set up by Mally Mal and his blow up doll.  I mean the girl is beautiful but damn she looks plastic.   Masika why in the hell would you go over to his house knowing he been lying you should expect ol girl to walk in, wasn’t it funny how she kind of pushed her out the door, lol.  AND when did Mally Mal become a catch zip your pants up playa.  He looks like a fat ass to me but who am I to judge.  IF you know you have had multiple surgeries Nikki why in the hell are you mad when people show your pre surgery pics??….. Morgan a real friend wouldn’t talk about her friend behind her back though….   IJS…..