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This is the funniest rap battle in rap battle history.  Snoop dog and Iggy are going in on social media (do we smell media hype to eventually promote their up coming single) click here if you missed round 1 Round 2: Tha Dogg Pound chimes in; Daz responded to Iggy’s tweets yesterday saying Snoop doesn’t “give a fuck about Iggy because she’s nowhere near his level …..”  Snoop then posts several pics of Iggy on Instagram.  We remember the White Chicks pic from a few months ago circulating around social media still as funny as the first time however.  Now we have White Chicks 2  Starring Iggy.  Snoop is being a bully and she is being the poor woman in distress.  They’re going to be in the studio soon if they haven’t been already.


Round 3: Nick Young (LA Laker) Iggy’s boyfriend chimes in on twitter in her defense and gets blasted on by many people.  You would think he would get some love for defending his woman but it’s all about star power and he obviously doesn’t have any.  So Snoop/Iggy when is the single coming out?