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Rhythm Rave Radio’s Exclusive Interview with Project Preatorian

Written by on August 19, 2014




Rhythm Rave Radio had the honor to have an exclusive interview with Holland’s own hottest DJ, Project Preatorian, and he gave a very good introspective look into his world of music!


Worldwide Rhythm Rave Radio: What trend in the music industry do you want to see go away?

Project Preatorian: People who rip music. You have so much work in your track as artist, but some find a small amount of x cents still too expensive to buy. There is too much illegal downloading, this is very unfortunate and a punch in the face for many good artists. Also asking money for publicity by agencies, and some publicity is not so good at all. I don’t think buying followers is the answer. Yes you get a lot of followers on your Facebook or Soundcloud. But…what’s the point of that?…. most are fake and they aren’t going to buy your track anyway or interact with u.


WRRR: If you can change 1 thing in the music industry what would it be and why?

PP: At the moment it is very difficult for smaller record labels and unknown artists to make a name in the music industry. If I could change anything would that have to do with PR. My advice is: If you want it well done, do it yourself.


WRRR: What type of DJ equipment to you use and why?

PP: I am total honest with u guys, but I have no fancy expensive studio or software. Also, I have no expensive hardware. I do everything on my 5 year old laptop and my DJ headset. Most times I create new samples by editing 5-7 sounds (samplepack or sound effects) to one “wavesound” and put that in 22 to 35 channels till I get a loopsound and after couple months I have a booming track. But I want to go buy some more  professional gear in the future, also more spinnin gear (DJ). But until now I’m on “my way” of making music. I want to show that an expensive studio, software and hardware not automatic means you are a good producer. Software I use is mainly FL and Magix Music Maker. I would soon upgrade to Cubase. Also I want to focus next to producing on being a DJ in the future. I always produced, so this will be new to me. But I think if u want to be successful in the music industry, u must do both. Music is inside you, I want to show that anyone with simple software and equipment can make good music. Talent and creativity u can’t buy! It’s a soul thing, if u don’t got it, you never able to make it.


WRRR: What song is your guilty pleasure?

PP: That is for sure Calvin Harris-C.U.B.A.

That track blows my mind a 1000 times.


WRRR: Other then your own crew what indie artist do you have respect for?

PP: Much respect for a lot of artist around me. Back in my time in the 90’s it was a lot easier to make a name in the rave scene. Now that we are 20 years later, the scene is bigger and bigger and more demanding.  So it’s harder and harder to get heard. So my respect goes to ALL artists who won’t give up and keep trying.  I talk to a lot of artist, but Uncle Earl (lacy Phillips) got my support. He always sooo busy in the music industry and radio & tv for many many years back to early 70-80’s. U will hear our collab this year btw, a high energy electrohouse track with 70’s feelings. So stay tuned for that.


WRRR:  What is the best compliment you’ve gotten since you started in this industry?

PP: Best compliment … hmmm difficult. I do get some sweet (private) messages on my twitter, Facebook, most recently a large mail on my Soundcloud from a fan. He was following me from beginning and told me that he loved my sound so much and if I had a work-shop one day, he will be there in a heartbeat… That one hit me in my soul. This motivates me very much, that I touch people with my music. That’s my drive. … That is such a positive rush!


WRRR: Who is making the biggest impact in the music industry today? 

PP: That would be in my opinion: Afrojack, Hardwell, Calvin Harris. Those are my favorites. But it’s not just them, I think that a certain small group of artiest inspires another great artist and visa versa. So in a funny way, we all do have assort of impact in the music industry.


WRRR: What makes your music unique?

PP: I think my music is unique because I make music since the 90’s, in the hardcore/rave era. Yes I had a large break of many years (from 2000 to 2013). But I love to combine different styles of music into something different since I am back with some old-skool build-ups. I mostly use progressive, electro, minimal and deephouse influences.  Also I love to experiment with other styles to like classical or DnB, Dubstep and underground. I focusing now more on collabs with singers. This year u will hear 2 new tracks with Uncle Earl and Heavix. And I got a big project with a mystery singer, can’t tell u her name yet. Just keep an eye open on my Facebook fanpage. So what makes me unique? Think my creativity and my fantasy.


WRRR: Give us 5 words that describe you?

PP: RAW, natural and instinctive. I give u 3 words;-)


WRRR: What trends would you like to see in the music industry today?

PP: What u doing as radio station, give unknown / indie artist a change to get known. I think this is a great thing. Not every artist makes good music, so that voting system is a good thing. Nowadays almost everything cost money, if u want more publicity (PR) on some platforms u must pay. So giving artist a platform by radio and connecting other with each other is very good. I just don’t believe u can buy your way in like some people think or try to do. I believe hard work and doing a lot of stuff by yourself by promoting is the way to go.


WRRR: What is your theme song and you can’t say one of your own songs? This song is always in your iPod, so you can listen to this song all the time and never get sick of it.

PP:  Ohhyeahh…that’s Akira Kiteshi (Brian Protheroe) – PINBALL. U heard that track in Step-Up seeing Mad Chad doing the robot… that track…..wootssingg..whooeetssing (robotsounds).


WHRR: Other then your own crew what DJ’s do you have respect for?

PP: Radio Only JD, great respect for that man. He got his own radioshow to and he connected me with a lot af semi wel-know artists for collabs, remixes. He know sooo many people, u can’t get better PR by name I own him a lot.


WRRR: What do you enjoy most about your craft?

PP: I love to create a alternative world in your mind. Music what brings u to another level of consciousness. And love to press replay when the track ends. A little dreaming in the middle of the day…that’s my goal.


WRRR: What challenges does indie artist have when releasing and distributing their music?

PP: Getting their music heard by the big public. Also joining a small label who isn’t releasing it exclusively is a bit of a problem. So the biggest challenge is doing PR by your self. In my experience I make 20% of my time music and I am 80% busy with PR. It’s a time consuming project.


WRRR: What is your greatest accomplishment?

PP: Thanks to radio stations like Rhythm Rave Radio I am in the top25 for a couple months, this is a big accomplishment for me. Also by then it opens more doors to other great artist who want to work with me. Also releasing some tracks on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify is a milestone for me. Building a fan base is a great motivation for me. I try to get better and better each time I make a track, trying something new each time. Hitting top20 Global in the Housecharts on Reverbnation last month is a great accomplishment for me. I thank everyone, because the amount of plays, downloads and likes count a lot. My goal is to get my tracks to DJ’s from unknown to known names. DJ’s can always contact me for a Link so they can download a track for their Gig. OKKO and Mike Vee remixing my tracks is a big compliment for me.


 WRRR: What is the biggest mistake an DJ can make?

PP: Only spin wel-know music instead of some good unknow music from some good unknown artists. I think it’s good to stay yourself and don’t get it to your head when some DJ makes it with the big names. That way good things will keep happening, I believe in Karma.


WRRR: In your opinion what is the best lyric of all time?

PP: Axwell, with his track ‘In my Mind’. It’s so spiritual, so inspiring lyrics, so simple. Just great.


 WRRR: Who is your biggest fan now?

PP: Difficult question to answer. I don’t want to pick just one. But maybe I can do a poll this year to find out? Hahaha.


WRRR: Whats your opinion on the state of music today vs back in the day

PP: Back in the day when house music was a “new thing” it was easier to get into the scene. Nowadays some artists wear strange masks or outfits. I think a good artist designer with Photoshop and help from a good video editor will help u big time. Well…everybody got his/her own style, respect for that.


WRRR: Does house belong to Project Preatorian or does Project Preatorian belong to House?

PP: Project Preatorian belongs to House. I hope to tribute some ideas to the house genre. I Hope to bring a new genre to the house scene. With my fusion of diff styles I hope to make something original. U can call me alchemist of House Music. So I definitely belong to the House music. I’ve seen it born in the early 90’s and hope to build it along on the road with many other artists to something people will like and keep liking to dance on.


WRRR: Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted?

PP: 2006 was a bad time for me. Even then music was a medicine for me. Made some music here and then. But my wife inspired me to make music again, so saying I was wasting my talent. So I listened and started again in 2013. My first track released in USA in 2014. Since then I am on roll, trying to get better and better


WRRR: Where do you see your self in 5 to 10 years in the industry

PP: I hope I got some more big collabs and maybe even preform on big rave/housepartys with my tracks. I hope more people will know about my music and by then I got my own studio. My biggest dream is to hear my music on big parties, that’s my main goal.


WRRR: If you were limited to 1 person to get advice and help from who would it be and why?

PP: Afrojack in a heartbeat. He is Dutch like me and started small on a simple computer like me. After long years he never give up and now he’s one of the big names in the industry today. I like he’s sound and build-ups, the way he produces tracks I like very much. Afrojack is more in the electrohouse scene, but he’s sooo good in creating a vibe on big parties. I hope to learn more about that, creating that special sound who everybody will recognize if they hear it on radio. I hope one day he will spin a track of mine on a party.


WRRR: what are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

PP: My strength is my creativity and fantasy. Even on a laptop with some handmade samples I can make music. My weakness is my gear (software, hardware) what I have atm. I hope in time to build  better equipment so I can make even better tracks and blow ur minds even more.


WRRR: Is there a question that we didn’t ask that we should have? 

PP: If lovers of Progressive, Electro, and minimal house want to hear a new (fusion) sound, go follow me on my Fanpage on Facebook. Only there I post previews and specials. I appreciate all support and hope to welcome some new followers and fans.



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