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The Game & T.I. & in Heated Standoff With Police Outside L.A. Club (Video)

Written by on April 30, 2014



Rap stars T.I. and The Game got into an intense standoff with gun-wielding LAPD early Wednesday after they mistakenly believed cops beat up their friends outside a popular nightclub. In video posted by TMZ, the rappers and several friends are seen confronting police officers after leaving the Supperclub and finding other acquaintances bearing injuries from an earlier altercation.

“Is this a crime scene?” T.I. can be heard saying. “Y’all got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers!”

T.I. is also clearly heard gesturing and telling The Game and others to keep their distance from the police.

Angry voices are raised during several points in the tense exchange, and eventually you can hear someone yelling “Yo the police didn’t do it… security did!” At which point T.I. and The Game turn to seek out the attackers.

As they soon find out — and you can watch the footage below — moments earlier at least two men described as “mutual acquaintances” of the rappers were denied entry into the club for unclear reasons, and ended up being pummeled by several members of security.

Early on in the fight, a man can be seen laying face-down on the ground while a member of security kicks him repeatedly. Later several guards struggle to restrain a man while pedestrians mill about and police sirens swirl in the background. “He goes to jail tonight!” a member of security shouts. Eventually the police arrive and take over.

According to TMZ, the two men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division but no charges were filed and they were released.

T.I. and The Game have not commented on the rowdy night.