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Is Janet Jackson Working on Divorce # 3?

Written by on February 22, 2014


According to reports circulating, Janet Jackson’s 2 year old marriage with Arab billionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana, is coming to an end.

“Janet Jackson’s marriage to super-wealthy Arab businessman Wissam Al Mana has collapsed, and a source says bitter divorce battle over his billion dollar fortune could be about to explode … She confided to a few close friends and (her mother) Katherine that she’s preparing to leave him. And she’s begun calling friends at all hours crying and saying how miserable she is … Janet is getting set to challenge the prenup and demand a flat lump sum payout from his fortune,” according to one tabloid.

If the reports are true, it will be the end of her third marriage. Before Wissam Al Mana (39), who Janet (47) wed in 2012, she was previously married to Réne Elizondo from 1991-2000 and James DeBarge from 1984-1985.


Janet’s  NYC apartment is listing for $35,000 a month!