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Google Suffers Backlash Over Harriet Tubman Black history Month ‘Tribute’

Written by on February 4, 2014



Did anybody see that Google home splash page depicting freedom pioneer Harriet Tubman? Well it seem quite a few in the African American community was in an uproar regarding the ‘tribute’ Google had displayed that day.

TMZ reports that Nick Cannon got fired up about Google’s Black History Month tribute featuring Harriet Tubman — and sparked some outrage on the Internet — but the company doesn’t think it did anything wrong … TMZ has learned.

If you missed it, Google’s homepage on February 1st featured a doodle of the Civil War era abolitionist carrying a lantern. If you slept through your education — Tubman led hundreds of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

The image of HT, wearing a do-rag, rubbed Nick the wrong way — he Instagrammed … “Really Google? This is the way we are kicking off Black History Month #WhoApprovedThis”


TMZ’s  Google sources tell us they did NOT take down the doodle early due to the moderate backlash generated in part by Cannon’s IG. We’re told Harriet was up for a full 24-hours … just like all the other Google doodle tributes.

Question is: why was anyone pissed in the first place? There are plenty of actual photos of Tubman wearing a do-rag.