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2015 Super Bowl Tickets Now The Most Expensive in History; Average Price $4,600

Written by on February 1, 2015


Super Bowl 49 ticket prices are officially the most expensive ever, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. The average price of a ticket on the second-hand market was $4,600 and $4,131, according to the top resale sites StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange, respectively.

Those numbers are actually well south of the lowest entry point for tickets at various points over the past few days. That’s because most of the tickets available were sold before a massive price hike. Said price hike occurred when brokers sold tickets without actually having them in hand. So when the brokers tried to get the tickets to deliver to the customers, the prices went up dramatically.

As noted in the report, it was difficult to get a ticket for any less than $4,500 around Thursday, and tickets on Saturday were in the $7,000 range. Usually, as the game gets closer, the ticket prices fluctuate but there are usually points in which you’re able to take advantage of the price dropping. This year, that didn’t happen, and brokers had to either take a loss on the tickets they’ve already promised to customers, or offering refunds.

The mentioned sites — StubHub and NFL Ticket Exchange — had systems in place that ensured their customers all received tickets. But as mentioned by Rovell, there are those who weren’t as lucky. Hopefully, if you were wanting to make it out to Sunday’s game, you got your ticket and didn’t have to pay too much, given the highest face value of this year’s tickets was in the $1,900 range.