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Exclusive Q&A with DJ CauseAphekz

Written by on January 14, 2015



WRRR: How long have you been a DJ?

CauseAphekz: I have considered my self as a DJ after I entered the DMC’s of 2010..I have been DJ for a little over 8 years..I didn’t take it seriously as I do now.

WRRR: What are you goals and what do you hope to accomplish with your DJ career?

CauseAphekz: My goals are to practice at lease once a day, broaden my music selection and to accomplish being able to DJ for a small venue by the end of this year.

WRRR: What are your long-term career goals?

Cause Aphekz: Being able to paint and tour the world with my children.

WRRR: What are your short term goals?

CauseAphekz: I want to finish my BA’s, submit some of my paintings in local art galleries, and return to studying and practicing Kung Fu. To add, I want to elevate over elevate on scratching, buy a MPC, and enter some DJ battles in the near future.

WRRR: What obstacles have you faced with making the decision to follow your dream?

CauseAphekz: Having to let the negative past go, and focus on the positive future.

WRRR: Do you have a strong support system?

CauseAphekz: Yes, the people that keep it real with me 100%.

WRRR: Who has inspired your career choice? Include any one this isn’t just limited to celebrities?

CauseAphekz: My career inspirations was listening to local DJ’s, Producers, DJ Architect, DJ F.I.S.K, DEALZ MAKES BEATS, TLK Cru, DJ Dozen, and FOODCHAIN just to name a few.

WRRR: What type of music did you grow up listening to?

CauseAphekz: I grew up listening to Motown, 80’s, 90’s,..right up to present date Underground HIP-HOP. Very little main stream.

WRRR: What type of music do you listen to now?

CauseAphekz: Madlib, FOODCHAIN, iLLa J, J DiLLa, Team Latch key, Terrace Martin,Melo – X, Dom Kennedy, and Guilty.

WRRR: Do you have a survival job?

CauseAphekz: Not yet.

WRRR: What is the first thing you will do when you make it BIG?

CauseAphekz: Give back to the community, and to my family.

WRRR: Where can we hear your mixes?

CauseAphekz: Rhythm Rave Radio…or CauseAphekz’s SoundCloud page.

WRRR: Who do you want to meet in the industry or who have you met?

CauseAphekz: No.

CauseAphekz: I would like to meet DJ Premier, Malib, Terrace Martin, Rza, and Spike Lee.

WRRR: How do you describe your style of DJing?

CauseAphekz: My style is scratching and synchronizing sounds together.

WRRR: Have you created a career, marketing, or business plan?

CauseAphekz: Not yet, but it’s in the making right now.

WRRR: Do you have any personal contacts in the music business?

CauseAphekz: No.

WRRR: Who is your biggest fan now?

CauseAphekz: Hmm..I’m not sure.

WRRR: Are you registered with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?

CauseAphekz: No, not yet

WRRR: How did you come up with your DJ name?

CauseAphekz: Cause is a graffiti name which suck from the late 90’s.

WRRR: Have you won any DJ battles?

CauseAphekz: No.

WRRR: What was your best experience with a live audience?

CauseAphekz: DJ’in the lobby @ the Oriental Theater, for Devin the Dude and BoneCrusher 2007,and the 1515 Bar and Grill 15th market summer 2008.

WRRR: Thanks Cause Aphekz we appreciate the time for the sit down.

CauzeAphekz: No problem.

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