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Empire: WRRR Review

Written by on January 29, 2015


Overall a good show.  I love Taraji P. Henson and Terrance Howard’s characters – Cookie and Lucious.  This show has drama, suspense, a great back story, romance, it’s grimy, it’s sexy, but can we honestly say we haven’t seen this story before concerning “Black Hollywood?”  Do our shows and movies always have to have drugs, sex and hip hop in them?  But, if we use drugs, sex and hip hop to discuss other issues then is that a good thing?

Cookie – I like the twist, she did the bid and this is a true story that never gets told.  Cookie is my girl ride or die.  Her character caught a bad break and is trying to make up for lost time.  I love all the 1 liners she says my favorite is when she was talking to Kid FoFo… “You gonna Ray Rice me?! I’ve faced bigger in prison — with more talent, bitch!”  I especially love how she talks to Jamal’s boyfriend.

Jamal needs to take the rainbow chip off his shoulders. His dad is never going to accept him as being gay, but his talent will make him respect him.  I appreciate how he moved out and told his father he had to accept him the way he is, a gay man.  This show is dealing with the fact that black men don’t want their son’s to be gay, but this happens every day.

Hakeem is talented, but spoiled and dealing with mommy issues.

Andre’s story deals with the fact that he will always have to keep up with covering for his father.  AND he is a successful black man who married a white woman.

Lucious, sold out his wife, kept the kids from her and married a bougie chick behind her back, but boo boo kitty ain’t got nothing on Cookie.  He is successful but his karma is  dealing with his diagnosis of ALS.

This show has layers and deals with a lot of issues that we as a people deal with out side of drugs, sex and hip hop.  However, since it’s on Fox I wonder if the intent is mockery and/or comedy and the joke is on us you be the judge.