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New FM on the Night Shift: Covert, Gender, & Reverse Racism: Still Alive and Making Strides in the 21st Century!

Written by on March 15, 2014

FM on the night shift Reverse Racism

Covert, Gender, & Reverse Racism: Still alive and making strides in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter: Black president, black peasant, the # 1 killer in society is stress related racism. Modesty and Funk tackles the suppressed sociological topic and more! Verbal Pimp will be calling in about an opportunity for independent artists to participate in a special event coming to Denver with The Wu-Tang’s Young Dirty Bastard! New Celebrity Bullshit featuring all the latest celebrity news and gossip, as well as a special FM on the Night shift segment of ‘Reality Check’! Plus new music by your favorite indie and top 10 artists including The Movement, Pada Escobar, Jae Citty, K Camp, Shane J, Kida, The Weeknd, K’ream, and more! Tune in @ 9 Pm MST! (03/15/14)