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Rhythm Rave Radio’s Artist of the Month February 2014- Sharrief

Written by on February 1, 2014

Artist of the Month February 2014

“Sharrief” as a U.S. DISTRIBUTION PROMOTION & MARKETING Deal with ATTACK MEDIA GROUP/ DEEVEL/ CHERRY LANE MUSIC INTERSCOPE/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP SHARRIEF PRODUCER /SINGER/SONG WRITER OF I’M ORIGINAL As 5 LICENSING AGREEMENT DEALS A Wind Mobile Cell Phone Deal CANADA/USA And Another Music Placement Agreements Deal USA Korea Star Search Media (SSM) And Shanghai Media Group (SMG) One of Asia’s largest Entertainment Companies and New Music STREAMING SERVICE WOWLOUND Sharrief is a writer for BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) and currently handles all of NJ Five’s booking and promotions. He started in Hip-Hop as an emcee in the late 1980’s. His youthful style and unique voice made him an instant hit in his neighborhood of Paterson, New Jersey. Through the years, Sharrief has worked and performed with notable artists such as Red Head Kingpen,who helped Mr. Thomas and his brother land a single deal with Atlantic Records under the moniker “Funky Righteous.” Later, Mr. Thomas became part of Eddie Murphy’s brothers rap group called K-9 Posse and they toured with several R&B and Hip-Hop favorites such as Bobby Brown, KRS One, MC Hammer, Kid N’ Play, Salt N’ Pepa, Rob Base, Kool & The Gang, and many others. The experiences Mr. Thomas gained on tour makes him an authority on the sound and presentation of music. Forming part of his vision to create the current INE (Iron Nation Entertainment, inc.) team as early as 2008 as a result of his eye for detail and familiarity with the changes in Hip-Hop and R&B over time, Mr. Thomas’s role as CEO of INE is an essential ingredient to and the cornerstone of the implementation of the INE Plan.


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