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Artist of the Month April 2020- Karina Nistal

Karina Nistal is an eclectic singer and songwriter that has been very hardworking in her craft throughout the years. Karina grew up in a mostly Spanish speaking household in Houston where many styles of music were exchanged between her parents and two older siblings who at the time influenced her the most. she knew she loved music at an early age and tried to absorb everything she heard.

Karina has blessed the musical landscape with hits such as ‘Wiser’ , ‘Spiraling’ , ‘Pure Vida’ , and many more. Karina is a kind and wise soul, and the music industry is very fortunate to have her grace us as listeners. Karina has been listened by thousands on Rhythm Rave Radio over the years, and will continue to stay in constant rotation always!

Vist her website at

Twitter @karinanistal
Instagram : karinanistal

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Missed the Broadcast? Karina Nistal’s ‘LivingProof’ Interview is on Podcast!

Karina Nistal is back on Rhythm Rave Radio with new music from her 2016 acclaimed release ‘Living Proof’, and Funk & Modesty shows love on a lively and enjoyable Q&A with Karina!

Originally broadcast 8/20/16

WRRR Indie Artist Video Pick

WRRR Indie Artist Video Pick – Karina Nistal – Different

WRRR Indie Artist Video Pick

Karina Nistal – Different


karina sanjaypatel

Off the album #KaRAGEous here is the official video premiere for “Different”

Written by Karina Nistal. Produced by REAL 6.
Edited by Ronnie Boykins Jr.
Video treatment written and Directed by Rick Escamilla Actor Damien Patrick.
Make-up by Jackiee Alamieda @ShezSweets
Hair by Cristina at Sexy Hair in Los Angeles
Special thanks to Eduardo Green for the location & Shara Johnson for extra on-set support!