Tune in Live August 12th @ 2 PM MST for rock artist Sabrina Fallah exclusively on Rhythm Rave Rock (click here to listen) Canadian rocker Sabrina Fallah will give the WRRR listeners her experiences in her musical journey to super-stardom! Featuring many of her hot singles including the smash ‘Kiss is a Killer’!

WRRR’s Artist Video Pick- K Black / What It Gone Be   K Black: What It Gone Be (Shot entirely with DJI Phantom 3 standard drone) What it gone be a song off the Upcoming Album. complete music video shot with phantom 3 standard drone   Follow K Black on Facebook and Twitter

Mr. Groove is whipping it up with his new burner single Fire (Barz R Us) ft.  Ill Silla & Amazon from  Hangman Recording’s ‘Cooked Raw Volume III’. Groove The Boss keeps Hip Hop moving, and all naysayers will pay notice! Producer: OP Beats   Mr. Groove’s Facebook and Twitter  

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