Was Chris Brown’s Latest Stalker Actually Staying With Him? 

Written by on June 7, 2017

 Chris Brown is one of the celebs who certainly attracts some crazies! Over the weekend a few videos hit the net of a deranged female being kicked off of what is believed to be Chris Brown’s property by an associate of Brown. Brown even posted on his Instagram that he was being stalked by a girl. In the videos, a friend of Chris Brown’s is seen yelling at the girl to never come back to his house again.

The captions of the videos suggested that the girl was a stalker. Word on the curb is that that’s a complete lie.

Supposedly the girl’s name is Julia, and she’s well known in the industry as an aspiring artist.

Let her tell it, she was actually staying at Brown’s house for several days before they got in a huge argument leading to him kicking her out. She also stated that everything seems like a blur to her, and she doesn’t remember much about what happened leading to her getting kicked out except that everyone was once partying hard.

Source: Plot Twist: Was Chris Brown’s Latest Stalker Actually Staying With Him? – Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews, Rumors, Rap & Music Videos | Allhiphop

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