Rhythm Rave Rewind: Exclusive Interview with Rosie Gaines

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Rhythm Rave Radio’s Exclusive Q&A With Rosie Gaines


March 5, 2006

Rhythm Rave Radio is very proud to bring you an exclusive Q&A with the fabulous and wonderfully gifted Rosie Gaines! We were fortunate to be able to correspond with Ms. Gaines over the last several weeks, and she agreed to answer a few questions to our delight! So, ladies and gentleman, Rosie Gaines!

Rhythm Rave Radio: We understand you come from a pretty big family (all musically talented as well), you being the youngest of 10 children. Who were your musical influences growing up?


Rosie:There have been so many great artists: Aretha Franklin, Sly & Family Stone, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Donnie Hathaway, 3 Dog Night, Tina Turner and Ike, Bob Marley, and Curtis Mayfield: my favorite producer: Stevie Wonder, Billie (Holiday), Ella (Fitzgerald), Patsie Cline, Bessie Smith, Leatine Price, Catherine Battle: opera 2 ; Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, George Clinton, Funkadelic. My parents listened to a lot of music. My mum likes country, blues, and R & B. My dad liked funk.


Rhythm Rave Radio: You have your own label now, Dredlix Records, with a new solo CD on the way. Can you tell us about the new CD and any highlights you would like to share with your fans?


Rosie: It was really exciting letting all my fans on myspace have a competition to name the album. The fans have been really involved on this album from the beginning and I have given them a special mention on this album to show how much I appreciate them. And it was also great to interact with the them and..kind.. of get to know people and welcome them into my life as family.




Rhythm Rave Radio: Rosie, you had a solo album on Paisley Park that, unfortunately was not released due to complications between Prince and Warner Bros. Will the public ever have a chance to hear any of the material officially?


Rosie: You really asking the wrong person that question… (laughs).. I guess that’s up to Prince.


Rhythm Rave Radio: Are the any new artists presently you enjoy listening to now?


Rosie: Brandy’s Afrodisiac album. I thought she was funky with DarkChild. I love Mary J Bilge’s energy, and I also love the way artists are now trying to bring some of the soul back. But I would like to see the older and the younger artists come together so there’s no separation. Music has no age on it.


Rhythm Rave Radio: I understand you were in a band comprised of members of your family, (including your brothers and sisters) called Unity. Will we ever see a musical release one day from the band?


Rosie: No. Nothing was ever recorded back then but the track, “”You Gone To Far”, which was written with my brother Carl, made my first album in 1985 on Epic records. My brother and sisters then all pretty much went away and got married. Thing is, we were more into playing live, like the battle of the bands. It was more important to play live back then.


Rhythm Rave Radio: Prince once referred to you as his secret weapon. “Diamonds and Pearls” is one of the many jewels in his crown, with much credit to your powerful vocals. Is there anything in particular that you remember that was special to you while recording the song “Diamonds and Pearls”?


Rosie: Everything with him was a special, great intimate moment. We had a musical connection. Prince let me be myself and gave me the freedom to pretty much sing what I wanted to. I do remember the studio where we did it. That was pretty special. It was a beautiful room with candles, and a fantastic piano which I would sit and play as I waited on everybody coming in. That kind of setting just makes you want to sing out loud.

Rhythm Rave Radio: Have you been in contact with Prince lately?


Rosie: No, not for the last couple years. We have both been pretty busy doing our own thing.


Rhythm Rave Radio: Do you have any advice for anyone seeking to start in the music business?


Rosie: Don’t do it! (laughs) Get an education. Not just a schooling education, but one in wisdom and the way of the world. You need the two of them to exist. One ain’t so good without the other. Have a backup plan. It really can be a shady business. Education should be free for everyone. I hit the road really young, so I didn’t get the opportunity for schooling. Seriously, if your going to do music be as independent as possible if you can and learn at least one instrument, and definitely write your own songs.


Rosie behalf of all of the music lovers here at Rhythm Rave Radio, I thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us. May God bless you continually!


Check out more with Rosie at www.rosiegaines.com



Originally posted on the now the now defunct website GlamSlam.org in 2006; interview conducted by Funkayy & edited by Modesty (Rhythm Rave Radio)

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