Toni Braxton Laughs Away Her Wardrobe Malfunction Incident

Luckily Toni Braxton can take things in stride about her  wardrobe malfunction recently. The internet was set ablaze this past weekend when TMZ posted (see here) a video with what appeared to have Toni ass out to the world. Fortunately the “Making Me High’ singer had on a body stocking during the ordeal. Toni told HipHollyWood:

 “It [took] a few minutes. I was dancing doing the one-two and I kind of thought, ‘Are my [breasts] exposed? I am feeling air.’ I remember that distinctly so that’s why I held the top of the dress but then I realized the whole dress was coming apart. The whole dress just fell apart on stage.”

 “I had a body suit on but it was very skimpy. Little tricks of the trade. I was uncomfortable. I can’t deny I was uncomfortable but I made it work and the audience kind of laughed and it turned into a burlesque show. I should have charged more for the tickets. Who knew?”