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Earlier we posted how many celebrities took to social media expressing thier interest in buying the LA Clippers from banned owner Donald Sterling. (see here) Well now media mogul Oprah Winfrey is seriously considering buying the team. The race to buy the Los Angeles Clippers — assuming Donald Sterling is forced to sell — just gained its […]

  Glenn Beck doesn’t hold back with his disdain for possible presidential 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. He went on a rant talking about Hillary would ‘do’ a woman in The White House! MSNBS Conservative radio host Glenn Beck predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have sex with a lesbian “on the White […]

I have to give it to newly appointed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, he didn’t play around, or waste any time rendering his decision on racist LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling this afternoon. The hammer came down hard for the comments Donald Sterling made about not wanting African Americans at his basketball games; a lifetime ban from […]

Damn, some parents really ain’t shit these days. I guess Father’s Day is not to be celebrated at this asshole’s household! A man who was caught kicking his son down a skateboard ramp has been banned from a Florida skate park temporarily after a video of the act taken by another skater went viral. The […]

CHICAGO (AP) — Rashad Harden, a house music and footwork pioneer who performed as DJ Rashad, was found dead this weekend of an apparent drug overdose, authorities said Sunday. He was 34. Chicago Police spokeswoman Janel Sedevic said a friend found Harden’s body Saturday afternoon in an apartment on the city’s West Side. There was […]

Wow. Where the hell were these teachers when I was in school back in the day?! These teachers today have moved from hiding after school with an underage student, to just throwing it down in front of all the kids together now! A 42-year-old teacher performed a “full contact” lap dance on a middle school […]

Who doesn’t remember the classic hip hop joint ‘It Takes Two’ with rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock? Unfortunately yesterday, DJ E-Z Rock died over the weekend. Rollingstone By Jason Newman Rodney Bryce, who made his mark on hip-hop under the name DJ E-Z Rock, died Sunday, a spokesperson for Bryce’s friend and collaborator Rob Base […]

Tina Campbell was ready to walk away from her marriage before her sister Erica Campbell shared how she overcame infidelity. On the next episode of “Mary Mary,” Tina’s anger over her husband’s cheating will consume her after she finds out how many more affairs he really had. At first, Tina thought Teddy had only cheated […]

The Roots has been very busy this year as the in-house band on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’ but not to busy to keep making new music. Their new track called ‘Tomorrow’ ft. Raheem DeVaughn was not due for release until tomorrow, but you can here it right here on Rhythm Rave Radio! Listen below: […]

Which 4 states can you not get a blowjob, but still have sex with the dead? What was the ‘Easter’ surprise for one individual? Originally aired 04/18/14

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