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  FM on the Night Shift’s Exclusive Interview with DJ Ron Perry! With a career spanning three decades, this versatile DJ gives WRRR an introspective look in to his musical world! Plus new music by your favorite indie and top 10 artists, and new editions of Celebrity Bulls***t and World Weird News! Tune in @ […]

  New FM on the Night Shift’s Exclusive Interview with Soul Gang PME! Hip Hop Powerhouses Soul Gang delivers an exclusive interview with WRRR and and new music including the banger single ‘Xit 25’! Plus your favorite indie and top 10 artists and a new edition of celebrity news and gossip on Celebrity Bull***t, and […]

Turn up with Undeniably The Illest Cat Around, as U.T.I.C.A. gives WRRR a look into his unique world of Hip Hop, along with 3 hot singles including ‘We Be Mobbin’! Plus new music by your favorite top 10 and indie artists including Wriky Knotz, Grade Aye, Anxious, Mookie Madness, Ty Dolla $ign, Thurz, The Movement, Su Charles, […]

  New FM on the Night Shift: Exclusive Interview with Wil Guice and a Live call in with L.M.S. @ 9 PM MST! ‘The Ohio Playa’, Wil Guice’ discusses his upcoming mix tape ’30 Days of Wil Guice’ and shows WRRR and the world who the R&B king is! Verbal Pimp, Urban Hippie, and J […]

Lytes Edison lays it down for his ‘Day 1’s on a new edition of Check Out The Message! We have an exclusive interview with the hip Hop & battle rap phenom! Lytes discusses his upcoming 420 performance  at the ‘War of The World’ battle rap contest in Colorado Springs, and his soon to be new […]

  Voted one of Boston’s Top 15 MC’s in XXL, Mr. Fritz is live on Rhythm Rave Radio’s FM on the Night Shift tonight! Mr. Fritz discusses his upcoming release ‘The Glory’ and his Top 25 single on WRRR, ‘Feeling You’! Plus new music by your favorite  Mykell Vaughn, Yung Bando, The Movement, Lytes Edison, […]

Live call in with Rezz 1 & Keez! Rezz 1 hits up WRRR with new music what’s new for the 0-1-4, including his singles ‘Kill Yo Self’ and ‘Another Zone’! Keez, straight out of Boston, MA, gives The Rave a dose of what it means to be ‘Cold Hearted’: his top 25 single on WRRR’s […]

Covert, Gender, & Reverse Racism: Still alive and making strides in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter: Black president, black peasant, the # 1 killer in society is stress related racism. Modesty and Funk tackles the suppressed sociological topic and more! Verbal Pimp will be calling in about an opportunity for independent artists to participate in […]

WRRR has an exclusive interview with the smooth but electric Diva Princess, Reina Morgan! Her smash # 1 single on our Top 25 ‘L-O-V-E’, is burning up the airwaves, and the Neo- Pop sensation shares her eclectic sound and story with our listeners! Hip Hop heavy, Anxious, calls in to Rhythm Rave Radio, and discusses […]

  FM on The Night Shift’s Exclusive Interview with Hip Hop Dynamo’s 2XM2 and Hip Hop R&B singer from Toronto Canada, JT Lung! 2XM2’s Role Pley and Juice E.T discuss their new release ‘GMO’ (Genetically Modified Oppression) and how they made their brand of Hip Hop the 21st century’s new message and sound! JT Lung, the […]

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