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Modesty and Funk discuss the tragedy of the Charleston SC shooting. Also tips on the concepts of Music Theory! We go in on another spot of Rhythm Rave Rants, and of course we still play the best in top 10 and indie artists! PLUS a special call in from a musical guest! Tune in @ 7 […]

Is changing your racial identity as easy as putting on a new pair shoes? Where is the fine line in crossing over or getting over?What is REALLY behind the term ‘Trans-Racial’, and How Does Rachel Dolezal fit into this? Funk and Modesty discusses this new phenomenon of becoming ‘Trans-racial’. Plus, let off your weekly steam […]

  Live tonight on FM Worldwide, Tha Real Young Kano chops it up with Modesty and Funk about his new release ‘Ghetto City’, and shares 2 new tracks! Tune in @ 7 PM MST! Listen Here

    Funk and Modesty interviews the president and owner of Pay Up Management and the manager of the legendary Ice T: Mickey Bentson! As the associate producer for the documentary ‘Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap’ as he discusses the differences between rap & hip hop, and being the co-founder of the Zulu Nation, he educates the new generation […]

Freedom aka Funk and Modesty are back on air tonight live on ‪#‎WRRR‬ with the co-owner of The S.T.R.I.V.E ‪#‎Fashion‬ and Talent ‪#‎Organization‬,‪#‎author‬,‪#‎singer‬, Chanel The Motivator @ 8 PM MST! Tune in! Go and listen on either ‪#‎tunein‬ or download the ‪#‎Googleplay‬ ‪#‎app‬! ‪ Click here to listen: Free Google Play App for phone, BlackBerry […]

Drop It Low” with G-Fly aka Carolina’s Kitty Kat King with an exclusive interview Rhythm Rave Radio! Tune in @ 5 PM MST/ 7 PM EST Click here to listen:

  Kna Lo Venge debuts his hot new single ‘In My System’ ft special guest Jill Jones! Kna Lo Venge and Jill Jones discuss the new music, the state of music today, and Jill talks about her experiences with the music industry, Prince, and more!    

Exclusive interview with Mr 27 on FM’s World Wide Online @ 9 AM & 9 PM MST! Mr 27 gives a look into the struggle of his music and neighborhood in Selma AL, and what he wants to do to give to his community and his fans! Tune in!

  Tune in for a highly energetic interview with the master of the dance floor, Kna Lo Venge in a engaging and insightful look into his world for his fans world-wide! Featuring his hot new dance single ‘Off The Wall’! Tune in @ 8 PM MST! (11/08/14)

    Exclusive Interview with Singer, Songwriter and Producer Link on FM on the Night Shift @ 8 PM MST Friday 11/07/14! FM on the Night Shift hosts an exclusive on air listening party with singer, songwriter, producer, and 4 time ASCAP winner Link on Rhythm Rave Radio! Link discusses his beginnings as a legend in […]

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