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  Tune in tonight as Modesty and Funk discusses the after affects of America’s largest mass shooting in Las Vegas this past week, as well as new music by popular and indie artists. Then at 7:30, promoter BayAreaQueen Janeece will call in to promote her new line of distilled products by Humboldt Distillery, as well as her […]

    Funk & Modesty is back on WRRR with Hip Hop artist, producer, songwriter and musician Kna Lo Venge Live! Featuring new music including ‘Better Than Good’ and ‘Baby Love’! Tune in @ 7 PM MST! Click this link to listen: Click this link to listen on Live365: Or download the Goggle Play App, […]

Tune in and tap in to the high energy of the extraordinary artist Tia.P on the WRRR airwaves for an in depth interview live! Fresh off of her performance at the world famous Troubadour Lounge in West Hollywood w/D.J. Quik &  her performance at the LA Mint Club, Tia P is sure to light up […]

Tune in Live August 12th @ 2 PM MST for rock artist Sabrina Fallah exclusively on Rhythm Rave Rock (click here to listen) Canadian rocker Sabrina Fallah will give the WRRR listeners her experiences in her musical journey to super-stardom! Featuring many of her hot singles including the smash ‘Kiss is a Killer’!

Tune in Thursday 7/20/17 7 PM MST for #WRRR‘s live interview with D La Rock PlatinumMindzEnt.,Inc. Pre$entz’, Prince Thugga Rock with exclusive new music from their release!

Rhythm Rave Radio welcomes Chop Clark to the WRRR studios for a  a very candid and intriguing interview!  Tune in as we discuss music, politics and much more. Featuring the hit single, ’40 Acres’! Click here to listen!

WRRR’s On Air Listening Party for the eclectic EP ‘Dark to Light’ featuring the hit single ‘Couple Calls’ and much more! Tune IN Thursday 6/15 and Friday 6/16 at 9AM MST and 8PM MST!

Tune in this Monday and Wednesday #WRRR airs The Underground Hustlin’ 59 Mixtape Hosted by Bernz of ¡Mayday! Tune in here! Buy the mixtape now at: Track list: 0:00 01. Bern it Up Cypher – (Bernz, Kamban, Hiway, Joseph Rose, Insane LOC, Statik G, Bains, Yung Statz, Influence, Dr. Moriarity) [Godsynth]* 7:58 02. Holiday – (McNastee, […]

The Lifestyle of A Gay Hustler in a Straight World, fully details the life of Steven Smith. Steven went through turmoil at an early age, being raped by a family member, exposed to a life of hustling, trying to find love and praying to GOD for help along the way. The hustling, homosexual lifestyle, prayer […]

Tune in Monday 4/10/17 for an exclusive interview with singer & songwriter Kiva @ 9 AM & 9 PM MST! Featuring her hit singles I’m Gone’ & the new banger ‘Do You Right’ ft Patrick Harden!   Click here to listen!

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