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  Chance the Rapper has made accusations against the brewery Heienken of trolling for attention by using ads with subtle racist overtones…

Rapper Lil Boosie made a statement not too soon after watching the 60 Minutes interview featuring porn actress Stormy Daniels regarding her affair with President Donald Trump. “I’m sick of these groupie bi–hes always trying to get money after they f–k n don’t get s–t,” wrote Boosie on Instagram. “ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY It’s the […]

  Black Panther becomes the highest grossing super hero movie of all time in the United States… This week Black Panther cleared $631 million domestically breaking the box office record previously set by The Avengers in 2012 with $623 million. Black Panther fell to no.2 at the box office this week after a marathon 6 […]

The blaxploitation classic Superfly gets a modern makeover in the first trailer for it from Sony Pictures. Ron O’Neal originally starred in the role of Priest, in 1972’s Super Fly. Featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield, the film went on to become a classic of the blaxploitation genre. 2018’s Superfly enlists Sony superstar rapper Future to create a new era […]

The BET Network booted an award-winning journalist from a Michelle Obama conference for publishing a Q&A with Mrs. Obama without permission. The urban TV network invited Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan (pictured left) to its “Leading Women Defined” conference in Bal Harbour, Fla, with special guest speaker Michelle Obama. The journalists were given strict rules not to report […]

  Last night rapper announced his last album and retirement from the rap game on social media…  

Minnesota prosecutors confirms an investigation into Prince’s death is still open. Prince was found dead inside an elevator at Paisley Park of a suspected accidental drug overdose in April 2016.  From Billboard A prosecutor in Minnesota says he’s reviewing law enforcement reports about Prince’s death and will make a decision on possible charges “in the near future.” […]

My thoughts run wild as I lay here thinking/ overthinking/ numbing/ regrouping/ rebuilding. It’s tough I know my mind is rough I have seen things I don’t speak of. Scars hold me that I tried to rub off, yet time seems to warm me that’s what I’m made of. Til too. Screaming won’t help silence […]

Tune in @ 5 PM MST with Modesty and Funk  hosts of FM Worldwide for an exclusive call in interview with CEO of Infiniti Records, discussing his artists Mullah Fobes, $. Profit, and Eeeebin$! Plus new music featuring indie artists Dustin Wes ft Karina Nistal, Becki Yates, Emillio Egbar, Jushay Signature plus music by Migos, G-Eazy, […]

Check out WRRR Fridays @ 7 PM starting December 22nd, 2017, DJ Rizzo Gates on #WRRR hosting ‘The Street Madness Show’ with the best in Hip Hop mixes and more! Click this link to listen: Click this link to listen on Live365: Or download the Goggle Play App, or find us on iTunes. Check out his FB […]

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