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  • Pachino Set to Play Spector in TV Movie!

    NEW YORK — HBO says Al Pacino is set to star as legendary record producer Phil Spector in a TV film to be written and directed by David Mamet (MAM’-eht). The film will tell the story of Spector, who long ago recorded such acts as the Beatles, Cher and the Ramones. Now, at age 70, […]

  • Beanie Sigel Charged with Tax Evasion

    Beans is in trouble with the IRS, as news broke that the rapper filed no tax returns from 2002 to 2004. The Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel is back in legal hot water as he is now being charged with federal tax evasion. News broke today that the former Roc-a-Fella rapper did not file his […]

  • Katy Perry’s Shoe Sense

    New York, (ANI): Singer Katy Perry is said to be in talks with shoe king Steve Madden to collaborate on a fashion venture together. However, representatives for Madden and Perry, 25, have not confirmed if any deal was made. Buzz up!Madden, 52, has already partnered with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for their Olsenboye and Elizabeth […]

  • Lady Gaga — Smell Like a Monster

    We don’t know what Lady Gaga’s soon-to-be-released perfume will smell like — raw meat? Papier-màché? Madonna’s perfume? — but we do know what it will be called … Monster.   The stench is due to come out in 2012 … don’t ask, don’t smell.  

  • Toni Braxton Bankrupt…Again

    According to reports, R&B diva Toni Braxton has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California, claiming she owes between $10 million and $50 million in unpaid bills. She’s indebted to a long list of companies across the U.S. money, which varies from utilities to credit cards, reports TMZ. According to new documents uncovered by the website, […]

  • Kanye Stands Up Oprah?

    There’s a rumor going around that Kanye West canceled on the Oprah Show…at the last minute…by email! Needless to say Oprah was none too pleased about it, but what’s she gonna do? It’s Kanye!

  • Rhythm Rave Rewind: Exclusive Interview with Gayle Chapman

    Rhythm Rave radio was very proud to have the honor of interviewing Gayle Chapman, famed singer and musician, and one of Prince’s original keyboard players. We also asked for questions from fans as well to share in the experience of the interview. Rhythm Rave Radio’s Exclusive Q&A With Gayle Chapman July 15, 2006   Fan submitted […]

  • Rhythm Rave Rewind: Exclusive Interview with Rosie Gaines

        Rhythm Rave Radio’s Exclusive Q&A With Rosie Gaines   March 5, 2006 Rhythm Rave Radio is very proud to bring you an exclusive Q&A with the fabulous and wonderfully gifted Rosie Gaines! We were fortunate to be able to correspond with Ms. Gaines over the last several weeks, and she agreed to answer a few […]