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  • Exclusive Interview with Yung Ron

    Exclusive Interview with Yung Ron

    Rhythm Rave Radio’s online station interviews new, upcoming artist from around the world. Recently RRR chopped it up with hip hop artist Yung Ron (Yung Ron’s father was legendary NY DJ Ron G) and preview some of his new tracks. Peep the video below [youtube=]

  • Rappers Come Out Of The Woodwork For Kendrick Lamar

    After Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control (HOF),” the hip hop community has responded in ways that will guarantee free publicity for everybody who wants to get a piece of KL’s shine right now. According to Hip Hop Wired, ‘K. Dot pushed the envelope as he put the likes of Drake, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Tyler, The […]

  • Rihanna Thinks Her Butt’s Too Small

    Rihanna Thinks Her Butt’s Too Small

    In an age where having butt implants are the sure thing, superstar Rihanna thinks that she may be a candidate for a bigger butt: According to Gossipjacker RIHANNA is worried her booty is too dainty! The singer is so concerned about her prized asset losing a few pounds during her gruelling world tour that she is […]

  • Lady Gaga’s Twitter Contest Makes Fans Into Zombies

    Lady Gaga’s Twitter Contest Makes Fans Into Zombies

    Lady Gaga took to Twitter with her Applause Contest, which pushed enough juice with her fans to go out like zombies and purchase multiple copies of her new single, ‘Applause’ which offered the opportunity to meet Gaga at one of her international shows by becoming one of the two fans with the most copies of […]

  • Spike Gets Green Light To Do Movie On Blood Addicted Humans

    Mr. Spike ‘Do The Right Thing’ Lee just did the right thing recently by meeting his $1.25 million Kickstarter fundraising goal 25 days after he launched the campaign. Spike  announced on July 22 he would be raising money to create a film he described as “a new kind of love story” about “human beings who are addicted to […]

  • Chris Brezzy Dodges Another Bullet

    Chris Brown and his team of lawyers must have been been workin’ overtime, because all charges in the hit and run case against him from earlier this year have been dropped: Chris and the victim struck a civil compromise — she didn’t want any money because the damage was so minor and she wanted the […]